My Story Is a Bit Different

I am one of those people who loved facebook.  I was on it all the time.  I had amassed a group of new and reconnected friends of almost 200 people.  Some of these people I hadn't heard from in years and others are people who used facebook exclusively to stay in touch with others.  Last week my account was suspended for posting too much.  How strange considering I have so many friends.  I guess we aren't supposed to use the social network to socialize. Tonight I had my account disabled apparently because I had posted on a friends wall asking for contact information for him.  He had a heart attack and his friend had posted on his wall letting us know he was in the hospital.  I haven't spoken to this friend in 30 years and reconnected last night.  I have "friends" wall posts which are full of profanity, rude, racist and otherwise inappropriate but nothing happens.  I ask how I can send a friend a get well card and they disable me. 

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2 Responses Jul 10, 2009

Just send our friend flowers and a card the old fashioned physical way. He will appreciate it more...

Imagine. Mark Zuckerberg, a socially awkward guy running a social network. This is what you get.

That's ridiculous, what planet must they have been on to disable your account? I sympathise totally and sometimes I wish I had never created a facebook account xx