Ep Is Better

I signed up to facebook because a friend invited me on to facebook and to be honest i wasn't keen on the idea so it took a while before i signed up and when i eventually did i found my friend had de-activated their account and didn't use it any more because there were too many idiots on it so i de-activated my account about two days after setting it up lol, then i found EP and this site is sooo much better, more real and no nastiness on here, you can chat and share stuff without feeling like your being judged or people are taking the p***.  All I've heard people say about facebook is how much aggravation there is when your "friends" write stuff on your wall and it upsets someone else and causes arguments and your stuck in the middle of it and then their slagging each other off all the time, it's like "grow the hell up ffs".  Should definately scrap facebook.  EP RULES! 

phoenixdragon88 phoenixdragon88
31-35, F
Feb 9, 2010