How Do I Hate Fb? Let Me Count The Ways . . .

Ugh. Facebook. Where do I even start with my rant about how much I dislike it? It's caused me way too much grief. I joined a little over a year ago at a friend's urging and pretty much instantly regretted it. So how do I hate Facebook? Let me count the ways:

1. It's a really insincere way to keep in touch. It's about as personal as receiving one of those crappy emails that's been forwarded about a billion times.

2. It's like the class reunion you never had any desire to attend. Sure, you control who YOU'RE friends are, but you can't control who your friends are friends with so all these unpleasant people from the past start crawling out from under their rocks. I've been reminded of people that I was perfectly happy to have forgotten more times than I can count. Every time one of these people shows up under a friend's comments I'm reminded of exactly why I hated them in the first place. It's like by being on FB I've surrendered my right to lose touch with people that sucked or to leave the parts of the past that I'd rather forget in the past. There are just certain things and people that I was really, really relieved to get away from once I graduated from high school and I don't like being reminded of them.

3. It makes me feel like I'm on a really public stage.

4. Sorry, but I like my privacy. There are some things I can share with some people and some things I only share with really close friends. Obviously I'm not going to be baring my soul on FB and neither is anyone else which makes what everyone shares on there really superficial. You rarely learn anything about anyone else and they rarely really learn anything about you.

5. The narcissism really makes me want to throw up. You know the people I'm talking about. The people who just have to share with everyone just how fabulous their lives are and what fabulous thing they just did and put up a hundred thousand pictures of themselves. I just kind of drip with contempt for people like that.

6. What can you possibly share with one hundred people that won't offend someone or **** someone off? You can't, so you have to confine your updates to the most innocuous and boring things possible. The status updates turn into stuff like, "I'm doing laundry!" or "I'm making chili!"  How exactly does that foster communication or connection?

7. It's like a popularity contest. It's all about who has more friends. There's this whole element of competitive friending and adding friends like they're trophies or something so you can keep up and not feel like a social reject. It just feels so fake.

8. All the unexpected slights that come with FB. An old friend of mine who I'm friends with on FB has nothing to say to me, but tons to say to other friends. My exboyfriend friended an old friend of ours, but not me and that really hurt my feelings. Those are just two of the examples, but there are dozens of others. People don't just ignore you, they do it publicly. It hurts. Then there's the whole issue of friending old friends, people you thought you were friends with, but they reject you. It's like the system is designed to make you feel like an unlikable loser.

9. There's a strong keeping-up-with-the-Joneses element to FB. People only present the most impressive or best parts of their lives on FB and it gives you a skewed sense of reality because you start to think that everyone else has a fabulous life but you and you're not as popular, thin, pretty, wealthy or having as much fun as everyone else. It can really play with your mind.

10. The new format makes it really hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Before it used to just be people's status updates. Now you get an endless stream of stupid crap that no one cares about. Do I care that so and so is now friends with so and so? Do I care that so and so commented on so and so's status? Not even a little bit, yet this is what my entire "news" feed is littered with.

11. The gaming is annoying and clutters up the news section as well. I'm all for people playing games and enjoying themselves, but I don't really care about who's doing what in Farmville, Mafia Wars or anything else. Yeah, you can turn that crap off but it's still annoying and again it makes it difficult to find the one or two actually worthwhile updates among all the filler.

12. A lot of my friends that I used to communicate with via email quit emailing once they joined FB because now they expect me to be on FB as well and figure we can just communicate that way. As I've stated previously, what gets shared on FB doesn't really facilitate closeness or connectedness.

I could probably come up with about a thousand more reasons why I dislike FB, but I think I'll stop there. Yuck!

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8 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Well, you have mentioned almost all the points why fb drives me crazy. I didn't think about that one .. that the creeps from my past whom I was hoping never to see or hear of again have resurfaced. What a pain! And to have their ugly mugs appear on my ticker ever so often.. no thanks! I can do with out that.

One of the best 'I Hate FB' stories i've read on EP.... Your number 2 reason made my day! I feel the exact same way... FB is a venue for people we'd rather forget... to re emerge... and suddenly, the flashbacks of why we were annoyed(even hated) them... i'm very close to really deleting my FB account... thanks for your story... still reading more and there's a LOT of them...

hi all. i've just joined EP.. and what refreshing site this is. YES i also feel the same about FB now, i totally agree with every point mentioned here especailly #5, 7 and 9. i joined because i was invited amd in the beginning it was a great novelty for me and to some degree quite excited to be in touch and reaching out to friends far away. but soon enough i started to notice that most people there just dont have the time for you and wont even reply to your comments or emails in FB. one annoying instance is this friend of mine who lives in another country from me had asked for a friend request which i have accepted. i thought what a great way to keep in touch with her.. but soon enough my emails were being ignored and so were my comments on her wall. when i looked at her profile she had 1000+ friends!! 1000+ FRIENDS!! who has over 1000 friends??!! soon after that every status update i see from her is how great her life is, how she's sooo blessed to be married to the hottest guy on earth and how blessed she is to have wonderful friends and this is accompanied by a myriad of pictures she posts of herself. i soon learnt how to restrict her updates on my newsfeed which cluttered it. i think it is true that FB is just a breeding ground for narcissists like her...

Hi, I agree!! Someone that I knew a long time ago was pissed at me because I became friends with one of her friends- Grow up already! Act your age, not your shoesize! The people I knew long ago when I went to school still act like a bunch of morons. I don't want anything to do with them, in person or on Facebook. I finally decided the best thing for me to do is quit. I should have done it sooner. Facebook sucks!

Your reasons #2, 7, 8 and 9 were exactly the reasons I quit.<br />
<br />
I strongly regret not permanently deleting it until recently. Now my whole world of contacts from up to grade 11 knows how few friends I have.

one of my main reasons for leaving was what you stated in #12<br />
<br />
People stopped emailing... and even when I asked them would they PLEASE just email me... they pretty much refuse..which makes me think they are not real friends.<br />
<br />
So if I don't go on Fb we can't talk? Wow, what a great friend you are!

Thanks! EP is so much better than FB!

Well put, Slackajawea. I couldn't agree more!<br />
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