Finally (re) Deleting My Account

Last night I was feeling really depressed.. I don't even know why. So i laid in bed with my laptop and deleted everything on my page. At first I was just gonna make it where I no longer had a wall, and just a profile. So if someone really wanted to speak to me, they'd PM me. But turns out you can't delete your wall (even though I've seen a profile that has no wall--- how!?)...

So I deleted all my notes, pictures, links, groups, pages...everything.

This time I didn't tell anyone about my plan to leave.

And so, no one noticed.

today I will be deleting the account.

I'm kind of proud of myself for not making a big announcement on my status like: OK, I've had enough of this! I'm leaving FB now. If you want to contact me, you should have my email by now. If not, guess you're not really my friend.

I hope I don't return like I did last time. I held out for 6 months. Oh, and what 6 beautiful months they were!

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Woah, kudos! I've been in my "fb withdrawal period" for the past two weeks. I have not deleted my account but I made another one that's exclusively for my family and friends. I cannot totally refrain myself from having an fb account because it's the easiest way for me to catch up with my friends and family. And having a social network is an advantage particularly for me who sometimes sells stuffs online.

ahh well<br />
i want to delete my fb account coz it does drives me crazy and depressed sometimes, but i can't...<br />
it does help in terms of keeping in touch with certain ppl...<br />
but idk<br />
im glad u successfully deleted urs<br />
have more time to spend on something better... :)

Congratulations for ending your relationship with FB. I've tried ending mine twice and I went back even though reading everyone's updates just annoys me. This time I've decided not to deactivate my account, but just make a conscious effort not to go there instead. And I agree completely - the month or so that I wasn't on FB was pure bliss.