I like any one that wets the bed no matter why
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I'm not technically a bed wetter, but I am an AB/DL, so I read a lot of bed wetting stories. I think that no matter why a person wets the bed, the fact that (s)he is doing so makes them a "real" bed wetter, so I say stop the hate and everyone unite in spite of their different reasons for wetting! :)

being a bed wetter is not nothing to be ashamed of I have wet the bed all my life I started to like it at 15

I respect your optimism. My ex had a strong desire to become a "real" bed wetter, and would have envied you!
I think it's wonderful that when life gave you lemons, you made lemonade (and then drank it and wet the bed, lol.)

I have never had a dry night in my life but I dont want too eather

We are not 'accidental' bed-wetters, we wet the bed because we love to pee over each other and lie in our pools of hot pee. Occasionally we will just watch each other soak the bed, whichever, the result is the same -- an incredible **** session !

wetting at night is great fun I am happy I never stoped

Whether someone wets the bed for fun or in their sleep doesn't matter to me. It is just those who pretend to be bedwetters that annoy me. I think all genuine wetters whether deliberate or not have something to offer on here and we should all support and help each other where we can. One thing we should do is if we find someone pretending to be a bedwetter is encourage them to wet for real. They might like it and become a proper bedwetter. Everyone should try it at least once.

I always knew when my wife was wetting her night pants by how she moved or her breathing slowed down just like I always knew when she is wet herself during the day or at school but her body language just like you can tell when a child is doing it.

wetting you diaper dose fell good

Have reason to believe I often roll over before wetting, and sometimes afterwards. Did your wife do the same? You’re one lucky guy; I would simply love to see someone or even myself wetting in his/her sleep.

Me too.

me too but at work I make sure I dont smell

I always try and make sure I don't smell of wee when at work. If I'm home alone I don't worry about it.

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I love wetting the bed and I don't even have a mattrass protector! I hope you keep on wetting the bed forever. You should take pictures of your pissy bed sheets. Would love to see them.

yes I will never stop wetting at night I know that we have a water bed

Have always wet my bed

me too I dont think I have ever had a dry night in my life

I no how that feels my bed was always wet

I wear nappies most nights now but there was a time when my bed was seldom dry. Always damp and smelly and often soaking wet. I protect my matteras properly now because they are so expensive. A while ago I got the urge to soak the bed so I pulled all the protection of and went to bed in several pairs of underpants just as I did when I was younger. My matteras has a huge pee stain now to remind me just what a bedwetter I am and always will be. I have never had a matteras without it being well and truly urine stained so I just had to christen this one.

I wet because I like it and thanks for the thought, now I need to find a partner who thinks like you.

I can't help wetting the bed but I do enjoy it.

Nice to hear that someone likes us!, lol. Im new to this site and love how open and friendly people are, its nice to beable to talk about things that are normally never spoken about.

Yes it was so good to find sites like this one. I have always liked being a bedwetter and always knew I couldn't be the only one. Finding there were so many like me made me realise enjoying my bedwetting was nothing to be ashamed of and I gave up trying to be dry at night altogether. I have never been happier since I started wetting uncontrollably every night once more.

for me if some one wets the bed and likes it and dose it for fun!They are still a bed wetter I try and like all bed wetters

I no it be nice sleeping over at your house.knowing that I wet the bed would not be a big deal for you. I no I could tell you that I still wet the bed and it be ok for me to put a nappy and my plastic pants on with out being or feeling ashamed.

I don't care whether someone wets for fun or can't help it. I have always found that bedwetters are usually very nice people. I think the world would be a happier place if more people wet the bed.

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Since coming on here I have found most bedwetters are very open and honest people, just like me.

yes all the bed wetters I know on hear or in real life are good and really nice

Wish I was your friend away from this site it be lovely you knowing I wet the bed and you was ok about it

I don't understand what a "fake wetter" is other than maybe a person that may say they are but in reality are just lieing to grab attention, or for some other devious purpose. If a person wakes up in wet sheets, or diapers, then I would say they are a bedwetter.

I guess there will be some who just come on hear pretending to wet the bed to be part this comunity. Or maybe some really would like to be this way but for various reasons can't. One thing I am not is a fake bedwetter. My nappies or my bed are soaking most mornings. Although I have had dry periods I have probably wet more nights during my life than been dry. I couldn't imagine being any other way now.

You have a lucky husband!

i think I am the lucky one