Hate Them

Now looking at another woman's **** isn't like a big turn on for me or anything. I am merely an admirer of them. But I HATE, absolutely HATE, fake ****. There is no reason to go out and get freaking silicone put into your ****. Natural is better. 100% better.
And I also HATE HUGEEEEEE ****. The ones that are so big they look like they could break the girl's back or like some alien is going to pop out of each of them like some horror movie. Those are uncalled for.
If life gave you huge ****, ok. That's fine. But going out and getting implants is stupid. And does not improve your looks. I don't care what society says.
This girl here is staying all natural, thank you.
MsHachan MsHachan
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

i agree,i hate fake **** too

well said I like you already !