Fake Friends (Poem)

Your a fake your just pretend.
So it's a lye when you say were friends.
How could I think that you would be true.
I guess you played me for the fool.

You think I didn't notice how you act.
I knew pretty soon you would stab me in the back.
I tried to give you a chance to change.
But its a shame you stayed that same.

Your a fake friend & you will always be.
So you no longer have a bond with me.
What you did was just so disrespectful.
Its something that I could never let go.

The way you turned your back on me.
When I was in my time of need.
I will remember this through life & till it ends.
knowing deep down inside you were just a fake friend.
Caliboy23 Caliboy23
22-25, M
4 Responses Dec 7, 2011

i had the worst fake friend ever! he still scares the crap out of me when he comes around. he never told me his name and he followed me around all the time and never answered my questions or let me touch him! we never played games or anything. he just taught me how to do stuff that was boring. i don't know why i ever considered him a friend.

When I read this i was thingking if my best friend is just a fake

So ture?????????

Fantastic poem! Fake friends are actually over-sweet, they tend to be nice when we're around them, but talk nonsense about you on our backs. Enjoyed reading this poem! Keep it up :)