Im Not Into Fake People

the husband and I have a set of friends that we occasionally hang out with for the past 3 years. they are married but no children between the both of them however they are raising her 15 year old daughter. I have a lot of love for this friend however I don't really see her as a very sincere kind of friend. some of my friends have issues with her because of the way she comes across but that's their problem it has nothing to do with me. the thing is since we are friends I get to see all of her status posta on her facebook and almost all of them are upbeat or positive.
she will write this big post about how much she loves her husband and how he is the best man in the world and how he makes her feel and how simply amazing and special and wonderful he is ,...but meanwhile I know she cheated on him and she talks to him like he is a child. Last week they picked me up to attend a gathering and while we were on the way they got into an argument .she started saying something about her mother in law, and he joined the conversation to correct her. ..because after all it's his mother we were talking about ...and she turned and she told him don't you be f****** correcting me ,and he basically was responding to her by memory new under his breath and she kept on saying do you want me to drop you off right now ?because I will and then I interjected instead please don't do this because my daughter was there . yet 2 days later she's on her facebook posting about her magnificent wonderful husband and blah blah blah I'm so sick of it. so to me that's being fake and phony .I mean why does she do that she talks about him like he's Mister magnificent but to be honest he's not that smart and she treats him like a piece of crap.
im2chunky im2chunky
46-50, F
Sep 17, 2012