I honestly don't understand people.

My so called brothers("best friends") treated me like **** my freshman year of college, but I didn't notice until recently.

My roommate moved out because these two guys drove him away.

They stayed in my room for free all semester, eating my food, drinking my drinks, playing my games, and never once said thanks.

I got involved in heavy marijuana use.
If you see something affecting your friends schoolwork it's natural to say something to try to help them, right?

These guys didn't attempt to help me.
In fact, they went to my parents and told them that I was smoking, and doing 12000000 other drugs (which I wasn't)

I had class with one every morning, and everytime I got up and he was sleeping, I woke him up so he wasn't late.
Everytime he got up first, he walked out without attempting to wake me. Then comes back later and goes, "You missed class"

Like what?!? We're supposed to be close enough to be brothers but you won't wake me up? I admit, it's not his responsibility, but it's just something you would do for a friend, right?

I know all of this stuff about them, but don't treat them any differently.
They have no idea that I know this.

Does me not hating them, and still taking the little **** they do make too nice?
Should I have done something about it?
I can't bring myself to hate or even dislike them.
But how can you walk around calling someone your family and take but never give back.?

I don't understand the human mind.
AfroPenguin AfroPenguin
22-25, M
Aug 25, 2014