A Fake Is A Flake, Always

I should clarify that I don't HATE them. Each person has a reason for the way they are, whether we are able to look inside them and understand or not. I feel more sympathy towards them than hatred. Until recently, I accepted them into my world just as I would any other person....I always hoped I could help them in some way and that they could change...I thought that maybe they just needed a friend they could be their self with....However, the past few months have certainly taught me a lot. I still do not hate them. I certainly hope I'll never hate anyone! However, a fake is a flake and always will be. Yes, people do have the opportunity to change at any time....and I do believe it is never too late. I won't be there while they're flinging around fake words, fake emotions, or fake relationships ever again though. When they change, I would be more than willing to accept them back into my life. The problem with allowing someone like that into your life is that they can drive all of the GOOD things in your life OUT. This last fake almost destroyed 4 genuine friendships and my marriage. I am certainly not willing to let anything like that to ever happen again.
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Nope, actually we're 2 weeks apart in age. lol.

Yeah, it was a pretty unpleasant mess....but it's all better now! Everything happens for a reason and I believe this happened to weed out a bad friendship that I had been clinging to despite a lot of things. I adored that girl, but I'm much better and happier without her now :) You may be right....if only I could find a positive middle ground....I'm working on it!

Wow! I'm really sorry you had to experience that :S<br />
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I mean your marriage on top of your friendships? WTF what gives?? <br />
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I don't think you're a bad judge of character, to be honest. I think you're just someone who is so open-minded that she'd be willing to give everyone and anyone a chance, even if they're the big bad wolf in sheep's clothing. Like you said, maybe they could open up to you if you showed them a real friend but that's not always the case.

I don't know...I seem to be a bad judge of character. I can read guys easier than girls. Every girl I meet that I think, 'wow, we're going to be great friends! I love this girl!' turns out to be a fake. The ones I think won't amount to anything turn into my best friends somehow! haha. My husband even warns me that he doesn't like a girl, she's fake, she gives off a bad vibe and I just can't see it. You would think I would start listening, but no:P Every time I say, "You just don't know her! She's a good person!" I guess I just believe lies to easily...or perhaps I'm looking too hard for the good and not being observant enough of the bad. Either way, I just shouldn't trust myself:P