I Have a Fake Neighbour!

One minute she is talking to me an friendly, and then bam she just stops talking to me...What kind of friend is that ?

I asked her one day, when I just met her if she went to the nearby dollar store?  When she told me she did not I asked why..You can get some of the same name brands, like sandwich bags, zip lock etc.. for 99cents and they are $3.00 plus at the grocery store....A few weeks later she shows me a handbag her daughter gave her for over $200.00 dollars.  I thought it was the ugliest bag, with Gucci plastered all over it...She has a very expensive car she hardly drives in the garage, and a smaller one she uses.

I thought to myself, there goes someone who has to have some expensive name brand to feel like someone. Poor thing.

She is not a genuine friend, if she talks to me when it suits her.  She is a confused, fake person who is anything but down to earth.     

csan csan
61-65, F
Dec 23, 2007