Why Can't People Be Honest Anymore!?

Life had been crappy for some time for me. I still treat people kindly, and keep alot to myself, but sometimes I get so fed up with feeling like I have to keep what life really is for me to myself. "How are you?" Well you're for the most part not allowed to really say becasue it will be a drag to hear, and since people know they probably can't really help they;d rather not hear it to begin with. It drives me nuts when I see people I KNOW are not doing too good witht this or that, come off to everyone like life's a party, they are happy happy, life is great great, when it's total bullshit. I know it's not good to dwell on things but to put on this fake phony face just makes me crazy. When did it become not ok to be human, with ups AND downs? Why can't people ever be ok to just at least LISTEN for 5 minutes? They don't want to hear it because it makes THEM feel down, or frustrated that they can't help you. Seems we've become a society of self centered "pretend to be doing great all the time" people. Maybe more people wouldn't feel so bad or alone in this world if more people were honest about how they're doing. It ends up looking sometimes like everybody out there is having a party of a life with no reality... it's just alot of BS.
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1 Response Oct 3, 2010

Go read some of my stuff, it is everywhere and I think you may find your answer. Now admittely I have a very short attention span as part of my mental illness, and I do not like being anyones sole link to getting out of the pit, ya know what I mean? Yet, I have walked in your shoes, slapping that silly *** smile on my face and now I just tell it like it is, as nicely as I can, but I refuse to conform to societal rules for etiquette..meaning saying all is fine when you would prefer to say "get out of my face **** head" lol. Look me up.