Hate Fake People!!!

i rarely ever say that i hate anyone, but i just cannot stand fake people, the whole fakeness thing is just too much for me to take!!! people that are fake, and people that are constantly telling lies, are 2 types of people that i just can never seem to get along with, i hate them!!!!!
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I know one of these fakes at work. A coworker noted to me what a fake he is and expressed it quite vehemently. He knows how to charm management, but what I wonder about is do they see him as a fake too or just brush it away because he gets his job done. I'm trying to act indifferent to him when he visits so he won't want to deal with me anymore.

I know, liars that are succesful and get what they want that way, are the worst.

its very understandable *MsSerendipity* lol<br />
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yes *Newlife326* i do know what i dont want in life, and as i say, "someone who is fake or a liar, or even both" just dont interest me at all hehe, cos i mean yes, i am an authentic person, and would like to meet authentic people!!!

i agree. Its good that you can clarify what you know you dont want in your life. (fake people / liars) that way you can set good boundaries when you bump into these types. <br />
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Authenticity is good! I bet you're an authentic person.