Fake People Who Hate Fake People

Try as I might,.. I am surrounded. There's not enough ammo, and certainly not enough ordnance to cover the playing field. Will all asshats please stand up!??! Alright, now,.. will all loving, caring, genuine, honest, compassionate, strong, intelligent and gentle folks please follow me... oh, and,... cover your ears.
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6 Responses Oct 10, 2010

Mug up a little on a comedy series known as Father Ted - all about Catholic priests on a remote Island....comedy genius says I.<br />
Anyway, they adapted (and used quite frequently) language which is a close as you can get to swearing, but isn't.<br />
<br />
So we have feckwits, for example. <br />
Feck off. Feckity feck... Get the idea?<br />
<br />
It's passed into common usage in the UK - I mean. Feck. Just what does it mean? but it's close to being something else and gets the massage over.<br />
<br />
So here, saying fecktards would get the meaning over without upsetting the filter.<br />
<br />
The rest, as they say, lies in your imagination.

LMBO!!!!!! "asshats".... haven't heard that used in a long time :) **follows and covers ears**

Boo.<br />
<br />
Small child; big eyes, arms wide going "BOO!!"<br />
<br />
Yeah, that's worth a punt. :-)

Fakery is full on vanity, right? Failed wannabe Secretary birds with false plumage. So a group for fakes would be impossible to resist - mirrored walls and ceiling. False floor hiding the scorpion pit... :-)

Maybe we should create a group for fake people who hate fake people...I would love to join. I am an alt who cannot stand my host person. *Giggles*

nothing much to say to that other than amen *covers ears*