Hate Fake People

My old friend use to be so fake. He use to think that he was so smart and try and lie to everyone. At one point in time I caught him like 5 times straight lying yo me. I even confronted him about it right in front of his parents he just kept lying. Sooner or later I just stopped talking to him. My other friend doesn't understand why I don't talk with him no.longer bc he is more forgiving and believes pretty much everything that comes out of everyone mouths. Now after my old friend I stopped talking to him I always question myself should I believe that person or not. Also with my ex I started thinking about that too should I believe everything that comes out of her mouth too. I eventually stopped bc she was and is full of BS so has of right now I always question what people tell me and also need proof before I believe something crazy from someone like a story or something happened to them
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Feb 11, 2012