He Isn't Who I Thought He Was!

I know there are people in this world that seem to act a certain way to catch someones eye. But it really angers me when they seem to SAY they have all these things in common, then when you say something, without any warning they are ripping you up and then completely ***** you from their lives without you being able to defend yourself to them or even get a word in edge wise. To me, that is a little immature and stupid. I thought we were supposed to be adults. I guess I need to go through all my friends on this site and make sure they really want to be my friend or if they just thought they might get into my pants. And I thought this was a site that I could meet new, nice people and not feel just as rejected in town. THANKS!!!! JERK!!! He knows who he is!
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GET INTO YOUR PANTS!!!!!!! I am Shocked, SHockeD, SHOCKED!!!!! Most men at some point will think about it and even after you have developed a genuine friendship withthem, but then only in a good way :-)

Not all are like that... Keep looking and you never know what you might find with a bald head........

deceitfulness causes so many issues. Sucks when people aren't sincere with you.

Good riddance I think

Yeah. I wrote it when I was upset and hurt.

It's always good to get things off your chest

Yeah. A bra can only hold so much. Lol

Very interesting story...

Maybe that is why I am disappointed often. I am just me here, exploring things that will more than likely never happen in real life. I say what I would say in any particular situation, not what a persona who did the things in my groups would say.
So yes, many times when I make contact with someone, I get refused and blocked. I understand not adding someone, there are people I have not added, but blocking just because I expressed an interest in them. In real life rejection happens all the time and I think nothing of it.
On EP, when I revisit someone I have made a friend or messaged only to find I was blocked, it hurts somehow. Why not just say no and move on?
Oh well, sorry to insinuate myself into your rant with my feelings, but it feels so good to say it.

His loss,,our gain,,stick with us sweety,,we'll get you what you want,,)

Please don't become disheartened by this as there are many wonderful people here who care about people and actually give out a helping hand whenever you need it. If you need help at any time...please do not hesitate to contact me. If this person is so narrow-minded then this was not the place for them in the first place. I hope you are better. *hugs* :)

Thank you so much. I pretty much wrote this in a fit of anger. lol I guess I was just upset that another man hurt me. Sure this time it was my feelings, but I am always treated not very well by men. Here I get lots of horny men flirting. But men that could and should mean something special seem to hurt me. So I am just kind of not very trusting. They have to earn my trust and if they don't want to wait until they earn my trust, then they can and will leave me alone. I have a new found confidence and I am not ANYONES doormat. lol And I was raised that you treat people the way you want to be treated. And I am living by that thought. I thank you for your kindness. But I am doing much better now. I really should write an update. You take care and remember to smile! :)

I'm glad that you have taken so many positives out of this and turned it around. You are the one who holds your happiness in your hands and if they only have one thing on their mind instead of getting to know you then they dont deserve to be with you or even categorised as your friend. Im here if you need an hear and love to you for making such a positive change. Keep well and I am smiling thanks. *Hugs* :)

Thanks so much. It's nice to not feel angry all the time. :) If you ever need to talk, I am here too!! Glad to hear that you are smiling!!! *hugs & Kisses* :)

Ditto! *Hugs* :)

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The world rarely seems to be short of nut-jobs and turd-blossoms! They probably wouldn't act that way face-to-face...I still believe the world has many more nice people in it than jerks!.....

Thanks! I will try to keep an open mind about it as you do. :)

So is it bad that I really just want to get in your pants? hehe ;)

No because you are being straight forward. Not telling me BS and then when I don't do what you want, you are not going to fly off the handle. You would understand.

Yes it Hurts,<br />
<br />
all I can say is contact over a period of time ... until you feel comfortable is the go.... Live by your head and heart !!! Mat

hello. well we have 39 experiences in common. i just checked them and i stand by all of mine :)


my pleasure. oh, and i'm a really nice guy too. and very modest :)

Would love to talk then and maybe become friends.

i would like that. PM me and ask me anything you want to know :)

Will do.

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I understand that women need to be particularly careful about this type of behavior, but it happens to men too. There are plenty of fakes on EP who prey on guys - especially the lonely ones. They will say whatever it is they think the guy wants to hear or whatever they think will cause the guy to trust them. It will then be one lie after another. <br />
<br />
I'm not saying everyone is like this. I have encountered some genuinely nice people here. It is because of them that I stay. I've just learned to be a little more cautious.

Yes, there are always a few in a bunch that ruins it for the rest. And I wasn't asking anything of him. Just to get to know me better before exchanging numbers. And he did a 180 and over reacted. If he wouldn't have blocked me, I would have asked him if he was on his monthly. lol Women get accused of that if they get upset about ANYthing. lol It was just out of the blue. I have some across more sweet people that just want to be friends and talk. But the ones that push to get your number or talk via webcam, that makes me nervious. ANd if they want me, then they should be willing to email more the one or two times before getting my personal info. That was all I asked. I am sorry that there are women that would do that to you or anyone for that matter. But I am as honest as they come.

I've learned that a person who quickly pesters you for your private email address or actual address or phone number or who insists on web camming is usually up to no good. Those behaviors should send up red flags...

Sorry kiddo.........


Thank you. It was more like he wanted to get my number after only exchanging a pm or two. I told him that I wanted to talk more online, then he attacked me and acted as if I did something wrong. Now a days women can never be too careful. I do watch the news and am not niave about what can happen if you trust the wrong person. He blocked me, de-friended me and just got me in trouble with ep, just for not wanting to give him my number or meet him in person. Why can't there be men out there that want to go slow, get to know someone and then be nice and gentle. It's not like I am asking for the freaking moon. <br />
I would like to be friends.

Hi I just bumped into a comment of yours and took the time to read this post. I didn't fully understand what you meant, but it seems that the people you mention in question, say they suffer from xxx, then when you talk to them about something related, it is either too taboo for them or to "weird" for them to accept you. Therefore they viciously attack you. If that is truly the case, my heart goes out to you. If you'd like to talk, I'd be happy to add you as your friend.