I dont know why i always get cheated and betrayed.. I had a gf a year back and i loved her a lot.. I introduced her to my friend and somehow they had something going on and later she dumped me for him.. The guy who was with her was like my bro.. We were so close 2 each other and best of friends
i lost my love n my friend and i dunno why i still miss both of 'em.
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Don't you think about your friend's need and your girlfriend need?

When my husband give me to Boss he knows Boss is needing me and I not really know I need big **** but I need. so we are happy.

I love my husband very much to give me to Boss because really he is giving Boss to me.

When Boss gives me to Big Boss from England I am even more happy. Big Boss likes being strict and I very much like when he is strict with me and shows to other people how obedient I am to his strictness.

You are young. So just think this is like school. Next girlfriend, you bring your good friends. Then you good friends get your gift of pleasure and your girlfriend gets your gift of your friends pleasure.

Try that is very nice for your girlfriend.
I am loving my husband very much more now.

I don't condone at all the way your friends treated you but love is a powerful thing. The way I would try to look at it is maybe they were just ment to be together. Maybe you could find a way to reconcile and become friends with both of them again sence you miss them. The most important thing is that they feel remorse for the way they hurt you. If there not remorseful then they are just selfish scumbags and don't deserve your friendship. Good luck man.