Dead On Arrival

I was a friend to this person for two years. When we started growing apart, I started noticing the negativity I had endured. I finally came to my senses and ended it abruptly. This person was very mad, and used any info I had confided against me. The worst part of it was embellished truth or total lies. I have learned to be more discrete about my life, and still haven't allowed a close relationship to grant access to my vulnerabilities.
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1 Response May 25, 2012

Sounds like a girl I know, but I hardly told her anything. I only knew her for a short while, but I knew there was something up with her. Turns out, I was right. As soon as I stopped being friends with her, I learned that a LOT of people in our school dislike her as well.... and for the same reasons. She's just negative and vile all around... <br />
Don't let one nasty person ruin your trust in others. True, there are a lot of people like that in the world, but there are just as many good and honest ones. I do agree that you keep some personal information close to you, until at least you're prepared for others to know, if the matter comes up...