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This question could actually hurt my brain to answer. Growing up I had the benefit of coming froma so called *privleged* back ground. I went to an all girls school, Havergal College, and met MANY *fake* people. Now I am NOT saying that EVERYONE their was *fake*, but unfortunately when mommy and daddy have their summer homes in France, it is often hard to find genuine thoughts other then, *Guess what we got this weekend?*

Well I was their from grade 6 through to 13, so OBVIOUSLY, I found genuine people, or I would have been in a psyc ward with delussional thoughts that money = happiness. I had a small circle of friends, all very intelligent, far more than myself and most went on too high paying power careers, eventually meeting a man of wealth, marrying, having kids and as the fable goes ..... lived happily ever after (lol) and THEY were the genuine people.

Well being the so called *rebel* that I am (lol) I cut ties with the majority of my *friends* from Havergal, spent 2 summers out east in St. Andrew's By The Sea, and met the MOST genuine people of my life. We were from all different backgrounds, and all of them (but me) had a common thread that I had never seen before, they HAD to work AND they were HAPPY, even with the smallest gesture of kindness. 5 of us lived together on top of a store while waitering at the restaurants.

Those 5 people to this day are my closest friends, simply because they are NOT fake. When I chose to work in a shelter for abused women and children my new friends were happy for me, my friends from high school could not believe I would waste my time in such a dead end job.

As for the internet and fake people, I simply do not understand it. It is a place where you can be yourself and others who appreciate who you are will find you. Pretending to be someone who you are not, is a waste of time and energy. There are far too many OTHER productive things to do in a life.

Sadly I think fake people can never find happiness or if they do, by extension I believe that their happiness is fake as well.

BUT since there are so many fake people, all I ask is that you hang out with other fake people and let genuine people move forward in their lives.

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Fakeness is silly

You are very self-satisfied, smug, and completely delusional. There is no boundry between people who are "fake" and "genuine." All people put on an act to one extent or another. The only difference is, some people do it consciously. Being completely genuine demands total disinterest in the opinion of others. Few people arrive at that level of self-actualization.

The people that arrive at your so called self actualization seldom stay. It's a lonely place. You can't be there an be bitter if you chosen to do so. So what if ppl consider a smaller amounts of fakness as being genuine. If you please no one but yourself that's all youll have trust me