I hate fake people.  I hate fakeness.  Its all-invading and I can't pretend that I'm not affected by it and that I don't act fake.

There are so many mirages everywhere it's hard to figure it all out.  All of our realities seem to come from TV and pop culture and the ideas of "cool" *even if we don't watch tv and don't think we are near any of that stuff*. 

I hate people that act friendly when they actually are just waiting for you to leave so that they are rid of you, and I hate people that have their heads up their ***** because they are so obsessed with their own ideas and their own ways of doing things that they don't see anything else.  And people that resist other people trying to show in which ways they are fake.

But like I said fakeness invades everything so I am probably being fake too...


deadteddybear deadteddybear
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3 Responses Apr 25, 2007

In this world, it ridicules most honest, nice, sincere and faithful people. It adores people who lies to themselves and others.

Well my mother always says: "in this world you have to be a hypocrite in order to survive"... where we live in an EGO driven world, we must adapt or perish.

That\'s a lot to think about, and worth thinking about!

i completely agree with you!! hate them too.... and no u not being fake u being honest ! wat u calling fake is probly wen we dont have the courage to say No