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 yes i do ...  its annoying i really cant stand compulsive liars ... people just need to accept theirselves and learn to build up their self esteem from what they  do have in their lives ...  its sad really ..  not only for them  but just because this world is so shallow and we as human beings love these wordly things and base our self worth of our possessions its incredibly horrible in school these days .. life must have been better in the great depression period because all of us struggled to bad no one can recognize how lucky we are to have the things we do have in our lives and cherish them ...  i learned that after i got married .  before i had my son .. i could honestly say i was completely self absorbed ..  i bought new outfits to wear to a club we went to every weekend because i refused to wear the same outfit  twice . id blow 100.00 on makeup  in a heart beat ... then after i had Josh i bought him new stuff every other weekend we would go to the mall and tear it up  then when i got married and had to quit my wonderful Job at the hospital because i was walking to work at four o clock in the morning three miles and just couldnt do it anymore because it scared me ..  i  took a job working at the apartments we lived at and had my rent deducted from my check .. well eventually while pregnant with my daughter i had to quit because i wasnt gaining weight and i was sick all the time from not eating ( my husband didnt keep much food in the house we went on his terms and got what he said we could get )   one night i went into labor at six months  it was new yrs actually he went out with one of his friends  i stayed home with Josh , when he got home i told him i needed to go the hospital which was out here in hamilton i lived in kenwood at the time he just went to bed .. finally about three i called his mother to come take me .. the next day i came home ( they stopped my labor )  and he came home with  some eggs and sausage and told me not to eat any of it  that was all he could eat for  some amount of time ,... i was so livid three weeks before i had Grace i weighed 86 lbs .. grace weighed under 3 lbs .  i went to stay at my moms and got her up to five lbs four oz .. then i went home right after they discharged me and ate gold fish crackers for three days cause we really didnt have anything to match up to make  something .. when i started working again and we moved it worked out alot better ..  i could walk to the grocery and by then i was used to walking two miles to krogers cause i walked it to get to work .. but it was still bad .. but anyways living the way that i lived and the way i was treated really made me appreciate the smaller things in life .. how ever  i still get anxious if i notice we are running low on milk ... its really weird how anxiety works ..
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You sort of lost me about how the story related to being fake, but if you had the $$ to go clubbing all the time, buying new clothes and make up, why didn’t you just cut back a little and buy a car so you wouldn’t have to walk to work @ 4am?