I Think I Found The Winner Of The Lot.....

A complete fake- right from the start. I did not suspect for almost 5 months, but then I did not want to believe, so it took another year, then I had to separate myself, first inside of me, then in the real world.  It just sucked.  Over 2 years of unrelenting internal hell.

I bought the whole "I'm so sensitive" ****.  "I feel things more than anyone else."  "Everyone is so mean to me" Even if it is true, and I absolutely don't believe it any more- there is no excuse for being a liar, and a cheat right from the start.  From day number 1.  Unreal.  I got used.  Big time.  I am sure the screaming is now how hurt by betrayal he is- yet he "forgets" I found out he did that to me from the start.  Funny how the truth can be so ugly- yet so many can't see it. 
So many don't want to see it.  Beautiful presentation forgives so much.  No- there is in truth no beauty.  Not here at least.

DinahMoeHumm DinahMoeHumm
41-45, F
Sep 7, 2012