Why Waste Your Time Being Fake?


when i was in high school i always hated fake people and there stupidity.  Even now when i meet someone who can't be themselves I get beside myself. i hate it.

navywifeandmomtobe navywifeandmomtobe
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2 Responses May 8, 2007

Being a non-confrontational type of person, I have to “fake” it more than I like to keep the peace. If I say anything around my wife, that she can by any ways or means spin to be critical of her, then she throws a childish little temper fit and progress stops. On the other hand, had I been 100% honest from day 1, we probably would have never developed a relationship, and I might have joined the marines and my whole life would have been different now.

I completely agree, what I always say is that if you were to ask me what I think about someone and then ask them what I think of them the two answers would be the same, and that is sometimes considered to be my worst and best qualities; I do not play games, act fake, or have time to screw around. <br />
I wish you could trust more people, but I have been let down, lied to, and backstabbed too many times to just let people in.<br />
Perhaps that is why I have more people that I talk to online than in real life, because why would an online person lie? <br />
Maybe I have an internet naivetee' ,but I like the fact that we can speak our minds and get others' reactions and input without worrying they are fake or lying.<br />
<br />
Good Luck!