Fake In People's Clothing

Its been a while since I came on to this site and posted a story, but after my journey through the seven or (possibly eight circles of hell) I'm back to tell all. During my journey I have come across people who have really...how can I say this...are completely full of crap. That's right, I'm referring to the "fakes". Well, what makes a person "fake"? For starters, fakers give you the illusion they're one way but flip a 360 and show others a completely different side. They like to play the ends against the middle, they like to stir up trouble but never choose a side, they're judgmental of everyone but themselves, and they say everything about you to others and everything about others to you. They have a plethora of excuses for why the hurt you and always try to shift the blame away from them. They proclaim to be the best at everything but the worst at nothing. They supposedly had such horrible past lives that nobody on earth could possibly understand or relate to. Everytime you talk about something, they find a way to incorporate themselves as the main topic. They portray themselves as complete badasses when they are spineless cowards. They proclaim "there's nothing I can't do", but never attempt to do anything. They use people to get ahead in life, but brags as if they did it themselves. They'll sell out their friends and family to an enemy if it means they can get ahead. These creatures are chameleons, shapeshifters, and manipulators. They are the "fakes". Stay away from them. Thx for reading!
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And I hate fake profiles. Here they were very much on the EP ;-)

Exactly!! I agree with you..most sites fake profiles swarm the pages