Most Extreme Narcissistic Fake Ever

At a heliport I was waiting for the helicopter ride (school). I stood next to three girls that seem to be good friends. I don't have an iPod so I failed to ignore such a loud fake. I didn't bother leaving because I'd hear her from anywhere and I didn't want to wait out in the cold. This girl doesn't have any respect at all and she was being extremely rude. I never let people get to me but she really pulled my strings.

In the beginning I was 100% apathetic to every individual at my school but she really stood out. She doesn't understand the concept of OPINIONS! She immediately puts down whatever her friends had to say and tries so hard to be superior. Her "friend" made a joke and the extreme fake punches her really hard (I could tell), I can't believe she let her get away with that. Now this fake I'm talking about pretends to be positive and sweet to others including me but she really hurts her "best friends" which bothers me.

She has a ton of friends which she clearly manipulates, she's already had three boyfriends and the semester isn't even over. I don't think she's pretty but looks don't mean anything to me but because she disturbs me SO MUCH I have to say that she really isn't pretty she's just easy and puts herself out there. At first she tries to talk like an awesome bad *** trying to act cool with a rugged voice but she's really a fool and she changes her voice to a sweet little girl for a bit. I hope one of her friends confront her instead of me or else I'll punch her face in.

She is a major poser. I made a remark after everything she said in my mind, I usually don't do that but it was so difficult not to. If it was the dark ages I'd be like "BURN THE WITCH!". Laws also stop me from harassing her. It sucks having to see such a manipulative girl make so many friends and get away with it. That is her magic spell, pretend to be charming and is actually a HORRID person. She was also talking about how her mom won't let her sleep out for a night so she can get "sh!t-faced" and really made it seem like a bad thing. The next time she tries to talk to me I'm going to say, "Don't talk to me you easy, narcissistic, plastic, manipulative TNUC." and walk off.

I cannot wait until that day comes. I'd like to state that I'm the type of girl that doesn't care about society especially high school and I never talk about others like this but this is just a MUST!
ImpulsivelyAwkward ImpulsivelyAwkward
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012