Me, Myself, And I

I have recently made changes in my life and for the most part I am happy about these changes. I used to be the type of girl that I didn't care about anyone else's feelings and I didn't care if I made a move on a married man...I just didn't love myself and so I didn't love or respect anyone. But, I have changed, I was recently married, but I still have many male friends. I do like to joke and flirt around, but I would never do something that could cause me to lose respect for myself again. Some of my friends however think that I shouldn't be flirting or even talking to people of the opposite sex, because it could cause me to be the bad girl again. So while around them, I feel that I am playing a part and in turn I am being fake! I am being fake because I am not being myself, I am acting the way they think I should act and be. Even if my husband was around I would still make flirtatious remarks, because that is just my character and I feel that if I would say it in front of my spouse it's not all that bad. But around certain friends, I can't make these comments, because I will get the look..that look you would get from your mother when you have done something bad and she doesn't want to or can't say anything out loud. Anyways point being..while around said people I feel pressure to be and act a certain way and that is not being myself and I am not sure I like that, because that makes me feel fake. And if I can't be myself around these friends, maybe I should reconsider our friendship all together! Thanks for reading...this website has helped me in many ways this past week alone!!!
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Perhaps these friends believe that they are looking out for you. But I already have one mom, that's enough for anyone.