To The Fake People, Pedophiles, And Fetish People Who Run Rampant On Ep

As a graphic design and digital photography major, I know how to use Photoshop and how to edit photos, almost professionally. I also know how to spot when a photo is edited, even if it's only a minor edit. If you really think that you can try to pull one over on me, think again. I know the dimensions and resolution for photos taken with a cell phone, an actual camera, and ones taken off of Google. I can easily just save your image to my computer, and open it on Photoshop and see for myself. It's very easy to do!

Also, to the young teenage guys that join this site looking for nasty things, that young, hot girl you've been talking to, and having cyber sex with, SHE'S NOT REAL! Wanna know how I know this? There isn't a woman in this world who wants to sex everyday and only have sex. If she was actually real, think about how sexually transmitted diseases she would have. Here's how you can prove whether she's real, or fake:

1. Download something that allows you to video chat and make an account
2. Ask her to video chat.
3. Assure "her" that it won't be anything sexual, and you just want to see her.
4. If she flat out refuses to, she's most likely fake.

These rules apply mainly to that nice girl you're talking to. For sexual people:

1. Look at her pictures! If they're all of her nude, of some fetish stuff, she's a fake!

Now stop thinking with your **** and report that scumbag.
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Jan 5, 2013