I Hate Fake People

My girlfriend’s mother is fake. She is nice to everyone’s face and goes to church every weekend and is involved in all activities. Yet when she is alone with her family the gloves come off and she is emotionally abusive. Says hateful things to her children, talks about people behind their backs (Generally me). She went from screaming at her daughter and calling her a failure to smiling and being a generous host so a guest within seconds. She is the most judgmental person I have ever seen.
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Gee, I don’t remember posting that? Oh, that’s right, I didn’t, but it sounds just like my home life.

When she met her 39 years ago, my step-mother asked my wife, "When did he meet you, when he was whoring around."<br />
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This lovely woman conned everyone in the family with her cloying charm. It took my father's death and her exploitation of everyone in family for the last of her supporters to see it. After my (birthday sharing) cousin, who had been exhorting me to be nice to her, got stabbed in the back, like everybody else for this pitiable human being to loose her last connection to my family and many friends. Her own children have not spoken to her in decades.<br />
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I have decided that the reason people like this are so insincere and abusive is because the think that no one likes them. The game they play, I think gives them some feeling of control.<br />
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The great sadness is that the woman I speak of is in her 80s now, and alone in a way that I cannot even conceive of. It is finally true, nobody likes her; and much worse than hating her, they are all indifferent. She will go to her grave not knowing that she did it to herself. <br />
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Sad isn't it. Are we not all very happy that we are not any of the people that this thread is referring to. You don't have to be nice to these people but do have a bit of understanding and try not to retaliate. They hurt themselves enough.

Oh my gosh, my sister's mother in law is the same exact way. Its like they think that church is going to guarantee them going to heaven and that they could just live any kind of way and its okay to them because they are active in the church. This is so ridiculous! I wish that people would just grow up and get a reality check. Just remember, what she thinks of you is not going to make or break you. Its not really important unless she gives you advice out of love and not disgust.

My brothers girlfriend soon to be ex is such a fake she lives in one state and he lives in another she claims she is a christian yet every other weekend she is laying up in his bed fornicating FAKE FAKE FAKE