Had An Incounter With Scamartist On Diaperbook

I am a adult baby and in search of a mother figure slash girl friend. And have joined several infantlist sites. One of which is diaperbook. And this woman who clames to be a refugee and 23 year old orphan wants to depothit two million and seven hundred thosand in your bank account. To be get trustee of get money she inheirits and you keep 15%. Get username is saviourbaby and get name she says is Saviour colmam. But they get your bank account and rob you blind I of course didn't fall For it. Oh yeah she caims to be only serviver. I seached get and get fathers name she gave and found scam alerts from get and several other colmans. So I encourage you to seach out scams before you act on them
Babyleanna1975 Babyleanna1975
41-45, T
Jan 15, 2013