What's worse than just plain conformist sheep is the people that are hypocritical conformist sheep (aka Posers).  Posers are the worst kind of fakes.  You know exactly who I'm talking about.  You see them everyday.  The new trend isn't conforming into the shiny happy people, it's being "unique".  People try so hard to be something "different" or "interesting".  They create labels for themselves that they know they don't quite fit into.  For instance, everyone knows that kid that claims to be an "emo raver."  The kid that dresses in the dark, dismal clothes but jumps up and down to Happy Hardcore everyday.  What?!  Or the hippie kid that has a huge problem with going with the flow.  Why do people feel that in order to unique that they have to slap a label on it and conform to that?  It's the same idea as wearing Khaki's and cardigans.  People aren't bound by the clothes we wear or the clique that we hang with.  Everyone should be free to be themself without social reprimand from anyone.  No one has the right to judge any other person.  And absolutely no one is "cookie cutter" person.  There is no such thing.

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Very true. Love this.

I meet a lot of people who claim to be punk, and it always makes me flinch in embarrasment; they're just so pretentious it hurts...<br />
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I overheard this once between two of them:<br />
"So there was this guy who asked if I was punk, right. Pretty damn obvious don't you think?"<br />
"Yea, you didn't just say, yes though did you?"<br />
"No, I replied 'Only in my spare time.' "<br />
"Sweet. Cause if you had said yes you wouldn't really be truly punk."<br />
<br />
These dumb kids don't like conforming to the mainstream so they conform to something else and then claim to be nonconformists, when the fact is that they've totally lost the point.<br />
<br />
I honestly don't care about how people dress, as long as they don't go around claiming to be special or different because of it, when it should be the other way around. Your way of dressing should be about what you want to look like yourself, nothing more nothing less.


The worst fear: Fear over what you and I think that someone else is thinking about us. They walk into a room and while we are all concerned over what we think they think, they wonder the same thing and have the same fear!!<br />
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Weird aren't we?<br />
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