This Is One Extreme I Can't Tolerate

To me, there's being a little less than upfront about your feelings, and then there's total bullshit. i can accept that ppl feel pressured into presenting certain faces to the world, and sometimes staying quiet about things they feel strongly about in certain company. but the fake ppl are just plastic.

these ppl in my view are the ones who go along enthusiastically with whatever is popular opinion, without havinig opinions of their own, and without having good reason for withholding such. these ppl don't care about who they hurt, or how much they have to hide their true selves in order to "fit in". they seem to usually target ppl who are so obviously not fake, or at least don't seem to be affected by the same insecurities as they are.

when i was 13, i had my first experience of a fake person. i was so naive and gullible. she was a very manipulative "friend", and i remember coming home confused and anxious as to what i had done wrong. she always had a fake smile, fake hug to dispense to a lucky one, and a fake compliment. man, you trusted that girl at your own risk. as i unfortunately did. but, i learnt, and i'm all the better for it.

fake ppl. i think my pity for them is stronger than the hate. a song by kisschasy describes this perfectly. i've put it in the recommmendations, so download and have a listen if you want.

BowsAndBones BowsAndBones
18-21, F
Jun 17, 2007