If They Convince Themselves It's Real, Are They Fake?


I don't know about that guys, I know a lot of good people who I would consider fake, and yet they are still good people. They do not consider themselves fake, they are probably just a little overwhelmed with society and so have developed strategies to cope that seem 'fake' to some people. It's another case of 'your opinion is yours'. I think everyone is 'fake' in one way or another, like if you make a statement and stick to it stubbornly without considering evidence to the contrary...that's fake to me, but I don't persecute them for it(Only ask them questions to encourage re-evaluation). Other people (Like myself) are very quiet and can chameleon into different social situations, some people will call me fake, others will say I am adaptive. Call me what you will, I am happy with myself. Or, as someone said, am I on the verge of a breakdown? I really don't know, but I'd like to think I am honest and true to myself, even if I use 'bro' with some people and 'sir' with others.

Is being ‘real’ being the person you are when you are alone, or when you’re in company? What is ‘real’ if someone would elaborate? I do think that many people who over-compensate are not being true to themselves, but who am I to question their desire to fit in with the company they seek? They have their mechanisms, I have mine.

So I will not be saying “I hate fake people” Because to say that would be declaring that I will never be fake when that is a lie. I’m sure many of you will find that you’re not as real as you thought as well.

This reminds me of something I hear people say all the time when they hear of someone with a lifestyle they don’t understand “What kind of life is that?” They say, and I say “Depends on what your version of living is”


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I'm happy to be multi-faceted, a changing character. I generally don't like labels, and 'fake' seems like a label to me. And ditto CJ979, I too don't go out of my way to prove myself, I’m satisfied by my own abilities and that's what counts (Unless I hope to make money from those abilities, in which other peoples opinion is in the back of my mind). This won’t hold true in all cases…and this isn’t always my opinion…I am inconsistently fake and real. What am I saying? Beats me.