Why Do Ppl Spread Rumors And Lies?? HELP!!

I took six weeks off for vacation to bond with my baby and I just found out that there's rumors going on about my at work. The rumors is that I was ******* somebody at work and that I'm a hoochie person.

First of all I've never ****** with anyone besides my husband. Second of all I'm a very self conscious person. I've always wears jean pants out in public.. How is that hootchie?

That person that was spreading rumors about me never seen me in public. Why would she say that I'm hootchie? One of my co worker was defending me on the other girls bad remarks about me. She told them that she never seen me dress hootchie in public and how I'm always cover up. She never seen me flirt with anyone at work.

Why did that person waited until I go out on my baby bonding time to spread such a ridiculous rumors about me? If she's so curious about my life why don't she just ask me.

I'm going back to work in two weeks and now I'm a **** in people's eye.. The rumors about me is not true.. It's bugging me a lot but there's nothing I can do about it. Why do people have to ruin my reputation? I've never done anything wrong to my fellow co worker.. I've always go above and beyond to help my coworkers out even when I know my work load will double up.. Why do that ***** have to target me.. I've never done or said anything negative about her. I'm always willing to give her an extra hand when she needs help.. Why? Why? Why? I just don't understand people nowadays..
mzbev mzbev
Aug 31, 2013