My Test

I love music and i listen to a lot of different bands, but at least i admit when I have never heard of a band! I hate it when people feel too ashamed when they have never heard of a band and then lie about it. So what I do now is I make up bands and test people. I will say "Have you ever heard the band LaLa" and they will answer "OMG that's like my favorite band of all time!" It's a shame I have to do that, but it sickens me.
killthejill killthejill
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1 Response Jun 24, 2007

I shall admit that I've never done that... except for once because I wasn't paying attention to what the girl was saying... (I was depressed and she was the reason)... I told her afterwards I hadn't heard a word she said, though.... oh well... good story (yours)!