Don't Waste My Time

I have zero patience for people that are phony with me or others. I don't understand how someone can think they can hide what's in their heart, with some meaningless words and fake sentiments. They must be so blinded by their own bullshit that they think their true feelings aren't completely obvious, and it's kind of sad. That, or they just don't care. It's easier to let someone else figure the truth out for themselves, instead of having the integrity and maturity to take responsibility for their feelings and be honest. That's also pretty sad. But, I refuse to feel compassion for someone that would insult my intelligence and waste my time in this most personal way. I would rather be completely alone than spend even a small amount of my time on artificial communication, or pseudo-friendships and relationships.

I have better things to do because there really is so much more out there. There is a real connection that exists between two or more people that care and are brave enough to be honest with themselves and each other. And what's truly wonderful is that connection is available anywhere, at any time, among those real enough to face themselves. That connection is the true light that keeps out the darkness, that empowers the soul and eliminates fear, that shows us the way to meaning in our lives. To settle for anything less is to deny yourself that meaning. To let someone in your life be phony with you is to allow them to deny you that meaning. I won't do it. I won't settle for less so someone else can feel like they are in control, safe and comfortable in their illusions. True safety is the closeness that is only felt through an honest connection.

That connection is what I am always seeking, I think perhaps all I'm seeking, and the truth is I'm often disappointed... But those true people I've been fortunate enough to know and experience, those that have the courage and love (sometimes "tough" love) to speak honestly, make all the disappointment worth it.

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5 Responses Nov 17, 2008

2 bad ur deleted - what u say is so true

Amen as well


I love this post. I need to keep coming back and re-reading it to remind myself to never settle for less than the absolute truth, no matter how hard it is. Some people are just so skilled at lying though.

Thank you for this post. I hate fake people. I am not one to show my emotions, but I don't show anyone love or disdain that I don't mean. <br />
<br />
If I don't like what someone is saying, I either tell them, or keep my mouth shut, and move on out of the way -- in that case - if I can't say anything nice, I won't say it at all ....