I'm Embarrassed My Family Is Fake.

It's embarrassing to admit I come from a family of fake people.  Just to draw a little picture - the man in the family who has all the power, was raised poor and became too wealthy.  Dump a large bucket of narcissistic personality disorder on him, & you'll see him on his high pedestal being the holy one.  With that disorder no one even existed but himself, because he is thee only one who counts.  He is 2% human.

My Mom had MS.  Before it progressed during the couple good years of her life, she was a good person.  My Dad and MS changed her.  She became like him.

Five kids. first born, only son is a black sheep of the family and my best friend. 

2ND child, daughter, was always very mean and is doing very well for herself.  Enough to stick her nose in the air because she's entitled. 

And then I'm next, the lost middle child.  I became the black sheep when my brother left home at 13.

The fourth is my sister who also is doing well.  Received a large insurance claim and started her own business.  She's the angel in the family and dubbed herself the spiritual health guru. 

The baby of the family whined until she was 30.  Has worked very hard all her life and deserves everything she has.  Everyone is constantly showing everyone how great of a life they have.  What they wear & jewelery too.  What they ate and with who.   Where they traveled all over the place, oh ya what they drive too.  Only the best & new ea. year.  And if someone does something, the other one has to do it better.and put everything about it in your face. 

I'm embarrassed to say their my family, their not real at all.

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<p>Yes best to be alone than surrounded by the fake falseness of the family! They are so too faced, bitching about everyone behind their backs, but soooo nice to their face when they see them. They support backstabbing, lies, deceit and stealing. We're going to get away from it - to the other side of the world - is this far enough away??????</p>

That's my family right there, talk **** and whisper behind your back and at family gatherings but nice and everything to your face. I hate my family and I hate when people are that funny behaving. Then they all think they're special talk **** about each other but are in each others faces the next minute

Totally understand how you feel. My so called family came from the same economic background yours did. My father had a brother and a sister. They both and their kids act all high and mighty just because of their money and jobs. They are like school girls that gossip and poke fun at others behind their backs and act all buddy-buddy around them. They are racists judgmental narcissists. If you do not have the same views as they do ex.Vote for Obama when they support Romney, you are a apparently a grade A dumba$$. You aren't alone, a ton of people have this family issue. Sometimes it's better to be alone rather than be surrounded by these fake jerks.

I so agree with you. I only connect with the other black sheep and am blessed he's a best friend. My family of origin is lucky to hear from me once a year, if even that. I'll go to a family function if my children &amp; grandchildren are going to be there and that's it. Thanks for sharing cuz it helps to know others can truly understand.

That is when you limit your time and energy with your family and find friends to fill in where they can't.

WOW! I know this story all too well, let me tell you about my family. My family is the same way, my grandmother feels as if everyone is beneath her, because she has this mindset that she took care of everyone in the family. So not true, but we'll get back to that later. My mother, the oldest child, never worked a hard day in her life, and thinks tha having the basic needs to sustain life is all that she needs. You know things like shelter, food, running water, nothing more. My aunt the middle child has worked hard and been through a marriage that involved domestic violence, so she overcame a lot and is doing well for herself. Then there's the baby girl, again, never worked a hard day in her life and feels as though she's entitled to everything becaus emy grandmother gave her any and everything she wanted growing up. Now, the partr if the story that goes back to my grandmother is, she didn't spend a lot of time with my mom and older aunt when they were growing up so both of them became teen mothers and single parents. She spent too much time with my younger aunt so she's stuck up, arrogant, selfish, and couldn't find her way out of a brown paper bag. Bottom line, no one in our family gets along, and my grandmother always feels the need to play the "Compare and Compete game" with each of us. You know, compare what one has to what the other has, which leads to a competition of who has the best. WHAT A WATSE!

WM...I gotcha on the family dynamics...I am 5 of 8.<br />
Some say Mom lost her mind, maybe a little but she was only trying to protect us.<br />
My oldest sister is a total hypocondriac, you name the desease and she has it.<br />
My oldest brother..Well he don't look like the rest of us. He was a very big kid, 5' 11" in 5th grade.<br />
His teachers used to abuse him in school because he acted like a little kid. <br />
He has recently become a right wing conservative, after years of being an ultra liberal. go figure?<br />
Maybe his divorce did it to him. My next sis, she is insane...she is 60 this year and has not worked since she was 25. Mom and dad supported her thru three marriages, three kids and who knows what else. She is the worst driver in the world. She once wrecked 5 cars in 1 week. <br />
My next sister, the angel of the family..ya right...She was an all A student, all through school. She got preg. at 16, drove to NY city with her BF and got an abortion. My parents never knew about the abortion part. She got married to a different dude at 18 just about two weeks before High school graduation. He was 27, and unemployed. She dropped her full ride National Merit scholarship for a homeless dude. Next is me...I am perfect. lol more later maybe?

I am not black but I have often wished I was and now I know why - I think white people are more likely to be fake. Isn't that what Keepin it Real means. The rich white culture judges themselves and everyone else and makes everyone feel miserable for not having it all, or tries to, and the rest of the world know that it's within themselves that they find power, beauty and dignity. I know families of rich white people who are alcoholics, on medications, etc. but they have the money to do and say and wear and eat the most in style things so isn't that what life is all about?? Keeping up the image of having it all together. The image to keep up is what's in your heart.

Don't Feels Bad, I too come from a family of Fake people, and than I got married in a New Family of Fake People.so I also thought I was the only one That had A Fake Family. Just Don't worry about them and U Do U ! As Long U are not Fake like them, Keep on move evenin on And May U make Have to Keep Away from them, so their Fakeness won't rub off on U .

wah wahhh, all my brothers and sisters died, I am alone.

You guys are all a disgrace, ALL my brothers and sisters died. Im am alone

In these times it seems to me the victims are treated like the abusers & the abusers are treated like the victims. Its very sad & it makes life harder.

Hi timesoftrouble, Thank you for sharing. I agree it's what's in the heart that counts. I am so grateful I have a spirituality of Unconditional Love from my Higher Power. That's all I need to breath. My favorite quote comes from The book : A Course in Miracles. " It is not that I am a human being having a Spiritual experience. It is that I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience." That helps me keep the worldly ways in perspective. I now have a family of choice of the people I want in my life. Thanks again, WM

Hello to you Warrior Mom, I can well relate to your words not only in families, but people in general that can only seem to see themselves as the rest or the world all around is at a much lower level. Those who can care the most about others in this sad world are often the ones left with the least, yet for who they genuinely are within their hearts that God sees there is some inner peace to make life easier. As far as families go, their are always parts that seem to live in their own private better than thou ego lands of the best, but the bigger their minds, the harder they will fall. The strongest are those with the least that maintain with faith as their fuel. At least those words for myself are very true.

I hope your doing well.

The mom and dad part, we have in common. And yes, it definately sucks.

I agree, real people will make it in life. Changing mankind to be the best it can be is the most successful people of all.

i was in foster care but i know my family very well i think that all familys are face and then their are the people how are real and i love all those people the would dose not exceptemost of those people because they dont understand them becaust they think diff but they are the people who will make it in life if they dont let other people get to them they will be the people that win the war that make something new that others will love that will brack the codo for what ever they want to do in life they will suced in life and be how they were ment to be and happy while others are sade being people they think they want to be never to see happyness

Maybe some day he'll get busted. <br />
It's an option to report too.<br />
That way they can go after the phoney ones<br />
instead of the ones who are truely justified.

{{{HUGS}}}<br />
<br />
I am upset with a friend who KNOWS her DH is always trying to cheat his way out of paying debts responsibly. He takes a full time job....temporarily, then claims he got hurt and is suing the Bas*****. But, he can ALWAYS manage to work on his home, etc (while he is hurt from previous job). I wish she would wake up and see what he is really like....

I understand this. I was the literal black sheep in my family. I was adopted by a family of Dutch/Germans and I am half-black. My sis is like my mother and I am like my father. But only my sister and mother (and nearly the entire side of her family) are fake. they put on masks and talk about each other and I hate it...family is quite complicated.

sendittome, I can't believe the things people will resort to sometimes. There's such a thing as Universal Laws concerning what's right and what's wrong! Sometimes I just want to ***** slap some of them.

Our family of choice is truly blessed.

I so love my chosen family. Going through what I am right now its only my brother supporting me through this. My loving family of choice helps me to breath.

Oh WM!!! I am so glad that I can be part of your chosen family!! : ) Our real families are so cruel at times.

Marji hit the nail on the head! My mother is like that, she wouldn't know herself without the mask. She buys things that other people would approve of. It's a shame. But it's hard to feel sorry for them.

Tree, that sounds sad. I'm sorry.<br />
<br />
Marji, That's it! And I bet they don't even know who they are.

Family dynamics is actually very interesting.<br />
my brother and I are so greatful we became the black sheep, and not a part of them.