I'd Rather Be Hated For What I Am

I know two girls that are the poster children for Fake People! It drives me insane. One of them is constantly trying to impress people with these huge dramatic stories that are obviously not true. I can't stand watching people fall for her act. And she talks and talks and you can't get an honest word in. I learned recently that most people see through her just as I do, but it is still torture meeting new people and hearing her tell them the same crazy stories again. We used to be friends, but then she started pulling b.s. with me and I couldn't take it. I was her best friend, why couldn't she just be herself. I knew the truth already, why not just be honest with me. I would love you more for who you are than who you pretend to be.

The other girl just pretends to be everyones best friend upon meeting them, but it a total witch to everyone. She always tries to be in control and to "one-up" everyone else no matter what. She will go out of her way to be rude to someone and pretend like it is for a good reason. All of our mutual friends talk about it behind her back, but I finally decided I just couldn't pretend to be friends with someone who is so fake and so rude. What is the point?
MimiCatastrophe MimiCatastrophe
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2007

That is a very mature attitude. Good for you!

omg i have 2 friends just like that, and they're twins. everybody who knows them for a while talks behind their backs... i've tried telling one of the them the one i was closer with many times...it kinda worked on her but still

i hjave a friend just like this...she tells too many lies that are obvious lies just for attention...its hard becasue shes a really nice peorsona dn friend she just lies too much... i knwo how u feel!!!!!!!