Fake People

I Hate people that think they have to change who they are...how they dress...what music they listen to in order to attempt to fit in........HELLO NEWSFLASH!!!! your never gonna fit in ... we are all different...and for a good reason...why dont you make out your own path and follow that because if you follow others all your life you will not achieve anything yourself.....people are so afraid to show there true self at fear of being judged...well i say if they doont like me .... then **** them thats there problem....people are afraid to go at it alone..they don't want to be out casted from others....let me tell you something................

if you do what YOU want to do you will be much happier...dont lsiten to others...learn form your own mistakes.....being alone is evrybodys fear and its not nice but you need to be alone to become your own person and then make true friends in life that like you for exactly who YOU are.....................its all about what you want.........i spent so long trying to be accepted and thats what made me realise people will only truly accept you if you are yourself!!!!

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All my friends are seen as the ones who don't fit in. I don't fit in. I suppose I am bullied because I do not try and be like everyone else. I learned to be myself a while ago but it is still a challenge. I can't wait for university when it's good to be different.

I moved from the back of the room to the front in a class as these 2 girls in the back row were wearing the same striped thing (just inverted) goofy *** neon yellow and black tops. Don't really care that they were wearing them, just showed me they were trying to be hot stuff wearing the same thing. Even seen guys doing something like that in college. They are just showing how young and stupid they are. High school is over girls.

Thank you! I used to have friends who all dressed the same, acted the same and listened to the same music because they thought it was cool. They insisted they were being themselves, even though the change was drastically sudden. I was treated worse because I didn't try to be someone I wasn't. One day they all ganged up and threatened to beat me up because I refused to go out with one of them who thought they needed to date another girl to look good. I snapped. They're not my friends anymore. I'd rather have no friends than bad friends. They make me sick. They're always talking **** about other people who are exactly like them, except with a different style, calling them fake posers. It makes me want to scream.

I agree with you. I have a former friend who completely change the way she is just to please other people and to fit in. When i read this article she was the first person who came out from my mind. She's really pretentious. To think, even if she would try to change her identity she would never look the way she wanted herself to be.

I hate fake people too. And i m one of them. if they're fake towards me, i feel it and i know it. just the look in their face, i know it. and i be fake towards them as well. lol!

Fake people are awful. Especially the girls that are all fake-baked, have noticeably unnatural bleach blonde hair, and freakeshly whitened teeth. GRODY.

You ROCK!!! Dam true..to find who you are - your true being and talents in life is one of the most life affirming moments anyone can ever have. Spread the message around to our kids, love you for you - nobody else can do it better.

Your soooo true!!<br />
(: i don't ever follow the crowd i'd rather be an unique induvidual then someone who's got another million people the same as they are!<br />


Ram Dass said that Ghandi said, "I am dedicated to truth not consistency." Sometimes you just have to determine what the person's motives are. Actions and words are one thing, but they can be just as easily misunderstood when you are not in tuned with the person's motives. Some people are like water, put them in any container and they take on that shape. If you care, then look deeper into the person's essence and don't get hung up on roles and names.

I think there are people who just like to fit in. That is just who they are, not that they are afraid to be alone, but that they care about others in the community. "When in Rome, be a roman".

I completely agree with you! I used to get so pissed off that people were willing to sacrifice certain things/qualities about themselves just to fit in, but then I asked myself. Why? They're not doing it for the sake of being fake, they're doing it for the sake of feeling accepted and wanted. And while it's unfortunate that they have tried to become a part of the crowd, it's very important to think about the root causes.

Yes and I would like to add a twist on this. Sometimes I am so open, too open to people, being to trusting. Sometimes they will always see things only from their point of view. I was called dishonorable today and maybe perhaps even phoney. Why? Because the person I was with would not let go, and even though I loved them I knew I couldn't stay. So I tried for months to leave and could not because of my own codependency. In my desperation for just a caring acceptance, I resorted to lying. Lying about what? Where I was or who I was with. It didn't start out like that. I initially thought I could escape this guy by just being honest. But my honesty about my wanting to be with someone else just infuriated him and fed is already distrusting nature giving him the right to his self righteous attitude. "You have no morals!" he would say. Well, when someone has low self esteem, they will do anything to feel good about themselves, even try suicide. It is a hard thing to judge people as merely fakes. It is just another cry for acceptance and love. I'm not saying its perfectly acceptable behavior, but try to be compassionate and meet them on their terms...if you want to love them that is. Trust is such a big issue with so many of us.

yeah i have friends that change when around different types of people just t fit it...i tell them that being thereself can give them true friends that like them 4 who they are but they perfer to live a lie so all the best to them but i would rather stick it straight! xxx

Afriend of mine recently married a guy from africa so now she is into that culture, before she was with a jamaican so she was a rastarfarian, when she dated a guy who was in college she enrolled the clown has no identity. It will soon catch up with her.

wow! "...its not nice but you need to be alone to become your own person " - i couldn't have put it better myself! when i was 13 i had a bad experience with "friends" who were very cruel & unforgiving in their remarks. it was pretty much the same as being alone in a crowded room whenever i hung out with them. luckily, i have found new amazing friends now, & it just goes to show how different life can be when you stop being fake!

It ******* sucks to be loneley btu ur rught if your going to be alone its better than been around people who will stab you in the back and say oine thing to your face and another to someone else... personally id rather stab myself in the back than let anyone else do it!!

i'm so lonely, i could die but i'd rather be alone than with FAKE people

Why Do You Think You Are One Of Them???? Im Sure Your Not...Most Fake People Wont Admit They Are and you seem very down to earth ! write back xxxxx

You are right, i hate fake people too, but I think i am one of them