Being Yourself Is Hard If You Don't Know Yourself

Many people put on an act/mask/front whatever you want to call it because they are insecure or have low self esteem.   It is not always about playing the game .. while I am not naive enough to think that this does not happen I don't believe it to be the only reason.   Sometimes you act differently to protect yourself - well at least I do.  If I don't know someone well enough I am not going to fully expose my soul, they need to earn my trust and respect first.

I really hate people who claim to know you yet don't even know themselves.  How can you understand someone else if you do not take the time to reflect upon and know yourself intimately.   I find it is usually these people who are the most fake - fake in every way, wearing a mask to protect themselves yet being highly judgemental of others.  This is especially harmful if they are close to you or those that you love.  Keep your eyes open fake people are everywhere and they are breeding.

sjbear sjbear
31-35, F
Aug 5, 2007