No Neighbourly Love Here

i just move into my first house, a place i can call my own

what a great feeling

i thought i had it made when i met my next door neighbours because they were so nice. i knew there was something not right but who am i to talk. they always said hi and ask how we were doing with the house. On Halloween (2008) they invited us over to there lawn to hand of treats for the kids. they were saying how nice we are and how wonderful it is we are restoring the house to it proper beauty. they talked about going golfing with us and having parties. we left early that night because they were drinking alot and my husband and i are not big drinkers.

the days that passed after they started to avoid us or not wave when we waved. at first i thought they just didn't see us and blew it of. my dogs started to freak out a couple times a day, just bark like crazy. i thought it was a new house and there just getting adjusted to a new house. one day i was cleaning the windows and saw there dog defecate in my garden. the dogs went crazy and i started to notice a pattern. every time they let there dog out it would go on my garden, not on the grass but on my garden. i let it happen for 3 days thinking it was just an occasional thing but 4-5 times a day this dog would do this. i comforted my neighbour about it and asked him to stop.

it got worse and he would stand at the edge of my property and let the dog do this. it was rude and i had enough. i went out and yelled at him. told him to please be a good neighbour and stop this, he yelled at me saying he can do what ever and this was a war...i was like wtf...a war? i just want you to stop.

it kept happen until one day i was on the phone long distance and my dogs started to go crazy. i called animal control and reported them.

i guess the guy went crazy or so i was told because animal control came to my house. they complained about are dogs being unhealthy and bad. the animal control saw are well behaved dogs and told us are neighbours said alot of mean things.

my neighbour also called the city on us saying are pool was dirty and other things. they came and said everything was okay.

what ever happen to be a good neighbour and how much they like us ?

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1 Response Feb 19, 2009

Unfortunately there are many neighbors who turn out to be NFH (Neighbors From Hell). I have had experience dealing with this type of people in the past. They are insane and get a thrill out of tormenting. Here is a link to a message board dedicated to this type of situation: There are many good people there who are dealing with these insane neighbors. Good luck!