Hate Is a Too Strong of a Word....

I can't say that I hate fake people... but I do pity the fools! Sorry... Mr. T, moment! XD

I have many fake people in my family, my cousins for one. I don't like to hang around them much. They hate my guts, but they try that fake smile and love around me, when others are looking. When they are not, then they are crappy towards me. They give off this persona to others, as if they are perfect in every way, never having a problem in the world and everything is rosy. And that they're so kind and wonderful to all, yet they treat me and my sister like dirt. :-/

I could hate them, but really I feel sorry for them and others like them. My reason why is this... it's apparent that they are so worried about just being themselves that they have to put on this mask to hide their true selves. People who are fake are just very fearful individuals and that are afraid that if they were honest about themselves to others, no one would accept them. And that is really sad. :-(

I am the first to show all of me, my faults as well as the good of me, and let people make up their if they like me or not. I am not so fearful of people not liking me to put on a mask. I was fearful when I was a child, trying to wear the mask that everything was okay, but I grew up. :-)

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Feb 19, 2009