So I have this "Bestfriend" and she tries to argue with me over simple stuff ., I came into high school with her and everything she's a long time friend but I started making new friends and I've never distance myself from her but one day I sat with about 5 friends at lunch and play sports with them and she calls me "Fake" I DONT UNDERSTAND
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Maybe she just feels excluded or that her position as your bestfriend has been threatened

Maybe she's 1 of those girls who don't like her friend having other friends

Don't worry about it. She ain't no best friend anymore. Don't need anybody telling you're fake. As long as you convince yourself that you're not fake, you'll be fine. :D

Thanks :)


Is that suppose to mean something?

Acting different I guess . . . But I've never switched up on her

My friends "act" differently sometimes but thats usually a change in something totally different.

They wouldnt just blurt out the word fake. They would just normally be like, "WANNA GO?? Huh?!? YOU WANNA GO?! LET'S GO!"

She didn't say that , she just said "I'm Fake" I'm confused too

lol even more confused

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