Last month at my daughters birthday party a "friend" of mine was invited. During the entire party she take to my fiancé she had just met. Telling him personal things like how she cheats on her husband. Something in the back of my mind kept telling me it was odd. She was very persistent about inviting us over. Tonight we went to her house to eat. While at the table my foot was on my finances leg. I felt something touch my toe. When I looked under the table both of her feet were wrapped around his leg. I got up, said its time to go and confronted her. she said she thought it was her 12 yr old daughters leg..BS....

I have never dealt with something like this and I hate the way it makes me feel. It's this type of stuff that makes me not even want to deal with being in a relationship. he said he thought I was rubbing his leg for the past 30 minutes. People never cease to amaze me
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Very very LARGE pinch of salt needed her. The message between the lines is obvious. She meets your man, she has the hots for him, she is married and tells him intimate things which no doubt turn him on. She invites you for a meal where her husband is not around, and this leg tug of war has me doing a double take at such an incredulous explanation. Your friend definitely is at fault so keep her and your fiance away from her. Two, sit down and have THE TALK with him. Tell him what you expect of him in terms of fidelity and that if you ever find out again, the consequences will be severe.

I guess he was playing along with her to see how far it would go, right leg or left leg notwitstanding. However, it is disresepctful of him to flirt with her in your presence.

FIX IT. FAST..!!!!1

I have spoke with him about it. I to him to put himself in my shoes. I first noticed when she put her hand close to his arm. He got up real fast and went to the bathroom. When asking where it was, she replied, "which one", which I thought was odd so I told him where the guest bathroom was.

I cut all ties with her. There wasn't any real ties anyways.

AWESOME...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW, ensure that your fiance has cut all ties with her as well. You need to snoop, check his email, cell phone, WhatsApp, all that junk. For your sake I hope he has reformed. If not, well, cross that bridge when you come to it.

He doesn't have her number. I had text her and asked if they had been texting, she said she doesn't even have his number.

She will say what she has to say. You gotta be watchful coz this is your man, and no one messes with your man.

That's right...part of me felt aggravated that I had to feel that way. Made me feel like its easier to be single

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If ur fiancée did nothing to encourage it the problem is not with him. If however, he responded to her advances its time to move on.

What was the angle she was from your fiancé and what was ur angle in relation to ur fiancé? If it's rlly different then ur fiancé is lying

I'm glad someone caught on to that...I'm so confused as to whether or not he knew all's a 4 chair table. I'm on his right she's on his left. He says his right leg was back so he thought I had mine wrapped around his left leg which was under the table.

Hmmm he seems to have perfectly thought this through and have an answer for it all. I'd be wary... But don't go crazy based on possibility that u can never rlly figure out if it's true or not

I almost wonder if this was planned all along.

If only people couldn't lie....

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Lose her. With "friends" like that who needs enemies.

Why would she wrap her legs around her daughter like that anyway...? O.o

She said she and he daughter were playing with each other that she was going to try to pull her off of her's BA

Better stop hanging with her

I never really hung out with her to begin with so it's not an extreme loss. Creeped me out that something like that happened in front of me

Omg!! That is just unreal!

I feel confused by the entire situation..blind sided

First of all a little creepy if she was rubbing her 12yr old daughters leg.. do you think your man would do that?

She says she was trying to pull her off the chair. He said he didn't know what was going on, he thought I was rubbing his leg which was turning him on

Oh well that good!! Stay away from that lady..bad news!!

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