I Still Get Angry

So angry at the two-faces. I'm a second profile but I'm not hiding it. I just dont want to shout in front of every one of my friends and I dont want to spread my deprression to them either. I feel so angry sometimes that i need somewhere to go and take it out. Write it out that is..

demonizd demonizd
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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

*LOL* !! :P<br />
I hope you are joking! ...I used to do that...<br />
it never actually got me anywhere tho.. never got me anything but more trouble.. ..... is good to release the energy. The frustration and the anger.. but you gotta go do it in a mosh pit, or just write about it on here.. <br />
<br />
..it's up to them if they want to be phoney. <br />
It's up to others if they wanna believe them,<br />
if they wanna swallow sh!t... let them.

I hate them, im sorry. its definetly better to stay away from them they suck u in like a giant vaccum. Idk how but i managed to break away, it started when my friend started to act differently, then he started saying wierd stories that wernt true. if anyone questoned him he would shun them away, eventually people just believed him, I knew that deep down this was wrong, so one morning i left. I told them not to follow and i took a nap in my 1st period class. It helped me out big time. sometimes that little nap can brighten your day. during that nap though i thought of what these people do, they cause hate, they cause drama, and its all based on lies. At lunch i met with him again. then and there i tried to walk away but they would follow. At some point i got irritated enough that i decked him. I encourage you guys to do the same. They deserve it, and it just feels good to do.

Yep. Don't need it in my life. don't need it in my mind.