here's what i think about this experience i think it's really stupid it's basically saying that a person who bothered to create a fake account with about 100 experiences that they don't relate to isn't just gonna say me too to this one come on people i think the only point of this experience is to trash fake people well guess what fake people are trashing fake people now it's really sick
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Everyone has been "fake" before. It holds little merit when referring to character

i'm not talking about real world fake just ep fake

Oh okay sorry lol

don't worry about it

I think hate is a strong word to use as sometimes that fake people could be just miss understood. A fake person is generally insecure because they don't know really how to be around people this could have come from a childhood experience which has happen in their life such as problems with trust, interaction with others, bullying ect. People like this do this to protect them self from getting hurt and therefore hide behind a masquerade which gives an impression that they are something that their are not.

Now before you start judging others question yourself:

Have you ever been fake or had too in the simplest of situations and why ?

i don't believe i've been fake before and if i have i'm pretty sure i would hate myself for it, if u have insecurities or trust issues then go lock urself up in a room or something don't fool other people we all have to deal with our sh!t