Recently I lost all my friends but 2 or 3 for the dumbest reason dumbest thing in the world. I was in what you could call the "popular click" until just recently. It's nice not having the constant drama but I miss the parties and wild times I had. It's really been getting to me lately :(
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I was in a popular clique too and lost my friends but trust me it's going to take awhile but you're going to find new people and have better times. That's what happened to me. If they left your life they where not meant to be in it

Thanks this actually means a lot to me

I think we all face that stage sometime in life. I've been there earlier frankly speaking. But at the same time, I met a new group of friends and I really enjoyed my time with them. And didn't let the past couple of (ex)friends ruin my time. Then I moved and same thing happened. Life is full of new people, exciting adventures and numerous obstacles so don't be discouraged by one problem. You'll have many and you'll also overcome many! Just keep your head up and positive outlook and enjoy each & every moment! 👍 As cliche as it sounds, it won't be August 19th 2014 forever :P (it's 11:25pm here so i don't know if you're past that already but same thing applies just make it august 25th! 😉)

Haha yeah I'm trying to talk to new people that I wouldn't of talked to before and crossing my fingers ills top wanting my old friends back ( mean old friends)

I'm not saying forget your friends or never look back. But become strong enough to function individually and not be dependant. That's all! 👍

And, best wishes ! 👍

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I hate passive aggression...just say how the **** you we can rectify the situation.

Welcome to the world of "mere mortals." You will find other ways to have fun don't sweat them

Popular clique *

Me to but I have no freinds who talk me