You know , i am really bothered by dishonesty and deception. Where tf are the TRULY REAL individuals? The ones that keep it BLUNT and to the point ? I need individuals like that in my life because i'm like that and i feel rare .

This comes in handy especially with relationships . If i meet a guy and i ask him what his intentions are i haven't met one guy that can keep it 💯. Just come out and tell me what you want . Just want sex? Want a short term relationship? Long term? Are you talking to other girls too? You have problems with lying? SAY SO.

Or people that are just real and honest . People that don't put up fronts and they try to be something they're not . Saying they're rich when they make minimum wage , saying they're important/popular when nobody knows them. Or simply people that make up things as they go! ✋

I'm tired of fake people . Be blunt and honest !!
ThePrettyOnee ThePrettyOnee
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You said a mouthful!
But to be honest, everyone is unique if you get to know them :)

Yup. Fist pump for being blunt. Bluntness forever :/

My two sense is it's incredibly rare finding people like that. So usually I just try and convert them into real and honest people. That's just me though, it can be a long while before you meet someone like that.

Sometimes, people are too careful about communication because they don't want to hurt someone they love. That does not make them fake. However, it can lead to misunderstanding, fear and resentment. This can form a vicious cycle, especially for sensitive people!

We are around. You just have to be patient in your search.