...but I ask myself. Are they fake because they are uncomfortable? Are they fake because they really are trying to fit in? Are they a rat in a cage, like everyone else, just doing their best to get by?

Then relax my judgement and move on.
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I think they are because they been, they are and they will be for the rest of their lives. I don't understand why , and actually I don't even want to know why they are fake, probably because of their pathetic lives.... but for sure I don't have room for them in my life , not now and not ever. I'm disgusted and sick of them

Some people may act cos they are scared.
Some may act cos they want to try something new.
Some may act cos they like acting.
Some may act cos they don't want to show themselves.

When you are communicating with fake people, it doesn't take long before you discover them!

Fake snakes try to be real but end up showing their slithery skin when u least expect it. I rather break crumbs with bums, than eat steaks with snakes...

I always observe them they way they act, they things they say. Well from my experience I was bullied I got to see the reality and to me everyone just wants to fit in even if there willing to be mean. Just people that don't know themselves and rather be someone else so they can be liked

Doesn't matter why they do it when there's no point....

People are fake because, inside, they are socially awkward and the only way they can fit in is to fabricate experiences. Biggest issue is that they tend to fake it for so long that they start believing their own bullshit.

I know what u talking about I feel I have been played a fool of this gal I been talking to think she just after. Money I hate people like that and I'm the fool I fell for it cause I have no one sucker here

Anyone that tries to hard to fit in needs to simple realize this one simple fact , everyone is different in there own way, and people that want everyone to be like them are just insecure.