I Try To Treat People As I Want To Be Treated..

I work with a whole bunch of fake people.  They smile to your face, but the second your back is turned..  I have learnt a lot from these ladies over the past two years - some of it good, so of it not so good.  It makes things difficult being so sensitive to moods and the energy around me, I get drained.  So I choose to have friends around me who are real.  That's how I break it up.  I have seen the looks I get, because I'm not perfect 'in their eyes' and I don't always fit in.  The real people love me for who I am, not what persona I portray this week.  So I try to act blissfully unaware of the crap going down behind me and focus on the positives - who needs to be dragged down further? Not me!

Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody
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2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Thanks, and not that I'm aware of. I guess it's like this: treat people how you want to be treated. if they don't respond in like, tell them to blow it out there arse (if it's warranted mind you..)

What a great attitude! Do you give lessons? LOL ;-P