ok so im engaged not everyone knows but my fiances ex was a friend in high school an ever since me and him started dating she trys  to write me an all the time when we been stoped talk like she is just trying to see whats going on in our relationship an she wants him back an he tells me all about the texts an calls so her an my bestfriend stoped talking an dint get along so since im with her ex she tryed to become friends with my bestfriend an now she is tellin her lies to her about my guy an trys to write me all smiling like she isnt tryin to be sneaky hmmmmm fake.

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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

Wow! I can't believe you actually used a full stop at the end. I actually laughed a little at that - it would be the perfect punchline if you wrote that gigantic run on sentence intentionally.